“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out”

- Alfred Hitchcock


The Benefits of Studying Drama

Many people assume that drama is just acting or reading lines.. far from it!

Drama builds confidence. Throughout our lives it’s extremely important for us to build our self confidence and self esteem. If we believe in ourselves and our own abilities we can can achieve goals that we set throughout our lives.
Performing can help with concentration and memory skills. Being able to concentrate and keep focus in a scene helps to to train the mind to stay calm in stressful situations. When we learn lines we are strengthening our brain to retain more information and be more receptive to remembering.
Speech and drama helps develop language and communication skills. Being able to openly communicate your ideas, especially in front of a small group of people is invaluable in all areas of life. This is especially important now in the ‘social media’ era we are living in, where face to face communication is really lacking.

Drama helps children to cooperate, show empathy and work with others as a team. Working with others and using open communication and listening skills benefits us throughout our life in both work and social situations.
Drama helps children understand the world around them. Through classes many different real life situations and scenarios are workshopped through different exercises which opens students minds to the real world.
It develops emotional intelligence. When students study different characters and their emotions and what drives them to act they way they do they can also become more aware of their own emotions and in turn have a better understanding of themselves.

Students learn to express their ideas, think in different ways and think outside of the box. They learn about their strengths and to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity.
They build trust with other children and learn to have positive relationships with their peers.




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My Studio

What WE Do

I offer a positive, supportive space for children to express themselves creatively. Learn how to use their body and voice effectively in performance. To gain the self confidence to be their true selves without fear and translate that authenticity and confidence into their everyday lives.

Students will learn to share their ideas and also listen to their peers ideas and experiences with respect and empathy. This is teaching them powerful tools to live their adult lives purposefully and with compassion and open communication.

Knowing your true self and having a sense of who you are is an extremely important attribute to cultivate throughout life. Drama builds language and communication skills that help children to effectively communicate emotions, ideas and share life experiences.


My Mission

Combining mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, yoga and stretching with speech and drama.

Students become aware of their emotions, possible triggers and how to to be aware of negative emotions when they arise.

Using drama to act out possible real life scenarios helps children to understand how to deal with different situations in their own lives.

Yoga and stretching are helpful fo children to become aware of their own bodies and positive for health and flexibility.

Meditation helps children to relax and be aware of any thoughts that might come up that they would like to discuss or observe themselves.

Breathing and relaxation is an important skill for all of us to use. Deep breathing alleviates stress, calms the nervous system and has a positive effect of negative reactions in life situations. The use of the correct method of breathing,Intercostal diaphragmatic breathing. Breathing from the diaphragm helps children to speak slowly and clearly with confidence, another important life skill.


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